A feast for hungry eyes at “Feast of Flavour”

My weekend was pretty fabulous.  Although, there was a distinct two-hour period where it really hit a high note.   It’s no surprise that those two hours were shared with my dearest friend…Food.   I was […]

My weekend was pretty fabulous.  Although, there was a distinct two-hour period where it really hit a high note.   It’s no surprise that those two hours were shared with my dearest friend…Food.   I was savouring wholesome and heavenly menu creations at Feast of Flavour: Canada’s Holistic Food Event.

This weekend, Toronto was oozing with foodie events.   But, Feast of Flavour wasn’t your average show – it was different.

I’ve been to my fair share of foodie-friendly events (I’m too embarrassed to admit how many) and for the most part, they share the same characteristics.   They are all about quantity, not quality.   So a change is welcomed.

CAHN-Pro took the expected (and accepted) definition of a “food show”, then flipped it upside-down.  With Feast of Flavour, they brought us an intimate event featuring about 25 (not 250) exhibitors for a few hours on Sunday afternoon.   Most exhibitors served freshly prepared dishes using local, organic ingredients so I wasn’t sampling protein bar after protein bar.   It was refreshing to see and taste REAL food that did not come in a bag, box, can, or other package (organic wine and beer being the exception).

I was in my element.

Want to see what you missed?

Black Bean & Hubbard Squash Stew

CreatorFeeding the Whole Family

This was the first dish Keith and I tried and it set the mood for the rest of the afternoon.  A cozy and comforting, vegetarian stew with all the right spices.  I was tempted to go for seconds immediately, but there was a full feast in front of us.  I’ll be attempting to recreate this stew in no time.

Sprouted Buckwheat and Red Rice Salad with Chlorella Vineagrette

Creator:  Fuel Nutrition

I think Fuel Nutrition (a gluten-free, dairy-free food delivery service) just found a new customer (me!).  Their Turkey Chili (not pictured here) and Kale Salad (below) were delish…and the guys behind the table were looking pretty fit themselves!  Clearly, they know what’s healthy and how to turn it into something that’s truly good for you.   I know, grains (in the salad) are not preferred, but the kale, pumpkin seeds and chlorella make up for it:)

Raw Vegan Apple Pie

Creators: Elizabeth Gallagher and Karina Reading

Holy moly!  Who knew a gluten-free, dairy-free, uncooked apple pie could top a REAL apple pie.  I’m not kidding.  I would choose this over a homemade apple pie, ANY day.  I came back for seconds, then thirds, then leaving with a week’s supply.  They either really liked me, or wanted to keep me from coming back, over and over.

Oyster Mushroom Confit

CreatorFun Guy Farms

I feel sorry for folks that dislike mushrooms, because with a dish like this, they are REALLY missing out.  Keith is one of those people.  Although, he may have changed his mind after I forcefully shoved a spoonful in his mouth and he surprisingly gave the nod of approval.  I was hoping they’d offer me a week’s supply of this too, but no such luck.

Delectable Cocoa Fudge

CreatorThe Resourceful Mother 

The Resourceful Mother is my new idol for sharing this melt-in-your-mouth brownie-ish dessert.  The peppermint undertone was an expected (yet pleasant) surprise.  This may have been my first time trying this dairy-free, gluten-free treat, but it DEFINITELY won’t be the last.

We also sampled Thai Pumpkin Soup, Chia Banana Coconut Pudding, Braised Beef Brisket, Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and much more.  But the camera couldn’t keep up with the samples.  Or perhaps it was the people behind the camera…we were too mesmerized by the feast and flavours that surrounded us.

Some might say ticket prices were a little steep ($87), however promos circulated online that would get a ticket in your hands for $47.  You’re getting what you pay for:  quality food, in an intimate space (no bumping shoulders with hundreds of people).

I experienced pure joy yesterday afternoon.  But it wasn’t solely about the delicious food (yes – it played a BIG part).  It was also having the opportunity to meet the faces behind the flavours as well as their inspiring foodie ventures.   Thank you to CAHN-Pro, for the fabulous feast and for inviting us to your table.  See you next year!

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