Paleo Punishment

Well, here I am…going on DAY 3 of the Paleo 30-Day Challenge.

I’d love to say “so far, so good” but I’d be lying.  I kinda, could have, might have cheated (I say this while blushing with embarrassment).  On Day 1, within the first few hours of waking, I spotted this in my fridge…

Half a container of White Bean Roasted Garlic Dip which I purchased from Leslieville Cheese Market earlier in the week (remember, legumes are not paleo friendly).  Before I go on, there’s one thing you should understand about me.  My love for food is so profound, nothing irks me more than seeing food wasted.  So, the only viable option was to eat the rest of the non-paleo approved dip and pay the consequences.

At least is wasn’t a cookie, right?  Well…one cheat lead to another.  Shortly after polishing off the dip, I found homemade chocolate-dipped biscotti given to us by Keith’s cousin.  Possibly the best biscotti I’ve had, and the biscotti got the best of me.

So what were the consequences of not adhering to the rules of this 30-Day Paleo Challenge?  It’s as simple (and ugly) as this…

The Paleo Punishment:

One cheat (includes all grains, legumes, sugar, and dairy) = 20 burpees

What is a BURPEE? 

That was only FIVE burpees and I was getting knackered.  Doing twenty will really get your heart going – try it!

There is another catch to the Paleo Challenge.  The number of cheats are accumulated at the end of the 30 days, and ALL burpees must be done at that time.  Let me put this in perspective: if I cheat once every day for 30 days, that’s 600 burpees at one time!!!  (20 burpees x 30 days)  So, other than the common sensical reasons for wanting to eat clean for a month, there’s another motivator lurking in the background.  Nasty, nasty burpees!

Other than those two cheats I’ve been good, avoiding all the treats floating around me at work including Hershey Kisses and these sugar cookies: 

At moments like this, all I need to do is fast forward to the final day of this challenge and ask myself: “Is that cookie, bowl of rice, scoop of ice cream, piece of bread, worth TWENTY burpees?”   Possibly.

Or the better question:  “Is it worth sacrificing our health?”   Definitely not.

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