Check out the ingredients in this product – still want to eat it?

Just a few things…the label says “source of omega 3″.  Yes, Omega 3′s are good…but you are only getting 0.4 grams, and they forgot to mention that the Omega 6′s more than double the 3s. This is problematic (see below in the ‘corn’ section).

Mayo isn’t the worst thing – if you make it yourself.  The store-bought one has so many added ingredients, it puts it on the “no thank you” list.  I will have to disagree with the “health check” from our nations nutritionists

To make your own, use varying ratios of the following to your taste:  Olive oil, Egg yolks, Vinegar or Lemon Juice, Sea salt.  I actually haven’t made it, because I am not a big mayo fan, but if you are… this is worth a try.

So lets analyze the product ingredients to see how healthy this is.  The RED = bad news.  The BLUE = ok as far as we know!

Ingredient Listing:

Water – good old H2O.  I’ve got nothing wrong with this, but I’m sure it’s not the purest source of water that they used… I wouldn’t recommend trying to hydrate with a jar of mayo after a workout though.

Canola Oil – yup: we’ve done a post on this, completely GMO, made from a seed that was normally poisonous to humans.  Check out our older post “just because it rhymes with granola, doesn’t mean it’s good”

Modified Corn Starch –  The omega 6:3 ratio of corn is ATROCIOUS, weighing in at a 40:1.  Our bodies are meant to be balanced at 1:1. We need both 6s and 3s, but when they are off balance, it’s problematic.  Corn is a grain – and if you have read any of our paleo posts, this is a relatively new food source for humans; they have been a staple in our diets for less than 1% of our existence – and it turns out that we are not well adapted to this change.  Societies that took on grains show stunted growth, dental carries, and as we see in north america, SKY ROCKETING increases in chronic disease.

Liquid Yolk – Egg yolk is actually very nutrient rich (yes – forget about all the cholesterol junk you ‘learned’ before, and check out our cholesterol posts).  For people that have autoimmune issues, it might need to be avoided.  Lysozyme found in the egg kills off bacteria and virus that may find their way through the shell of the egg.  It MAY cause gut irritation or damage that start the autoimmune cascade.  However – it is mostly contained in the egg white, and may not even be a cause for concern – you will have to a test of n=1 to find out (that means, test it on yourself).

Vinegar – this is ok as far as we know!  If you have anything to add – please throw it in the comments section!

Sugar – sugar has been one of the major downfalls to modern man’s health.  High sugar diets (like most north americans), have a huge insulin load on the body, and can lead to some massive long term health issues.

Salt – Not typically consumed by our hunter gatherer ancestors, or other animals for that matter.  It wouldn’t be such an issue if it was balanced by potassium, but our diets our loaded with sodium.  Like corn, its in most processed packaged products.  You do need sodium for your body to function, and some people can handle more amounts than others.  But generally speaking you want K>Na.

Spices – whatever that means, it could be anything!  Usually contains MSG, a known neurotoxin.  Neurotoxins = bad news!

Xanthum Gum – legume in origin, so back to the phytate/phytic acid/antinutrient content once again.  These are found in all legumes.

Sorbic Acid – a food preservative – unless you want to be mummified alive, try and keep these to a minimum :)

Phosphoric Acid – used to acidify foods, and give a tangy flavor.  It has been linked to bone loss.

Colour – this could be anything again!  Food dyes have been connected to a variety of health problems, including allergies, hyperactivity, decreased IQ, even certain forms of cancer!

Concentrated Lemon Juice – no real quarrels other than it being from concentrate!

Citric Acid – most citric acid in the food industry is derived from scrap molasses,  and waste starch.

Sulphites – used as preservatives, but are also neurotoxic to humans!  What is a neurotoxin?  Something that excites your nerve cells to the point of death.  Why is that an issue? Well, you nerves and nervous system control and coordinate everything in your body.