My go-to spots for healthy food “to go”

I can’t believe I’m 11 weeks into motherhood.  In some ways if feels as though the weeks have flown by…they have also been the longest weeks of my life.  Each day I seem to be busybut busy doing nothing.  I’m just occupied with the things I would not have categorized as ‘productive’ in my previous life.

It’s clear that I had pretty unrealistic expectations of motherhood prior to having Sienna.  I was so thrilled for my maternity leave because I imagined it was going to be 12 months of work-free bliss:  baby & mom yoga, lunches and brunches, shopping, cooking, exercising, blogging, and all the other things I did in my spare time.  HA HA HA.  I must have been living in a dream world, because I was way WAY off.

Superfoods Eateries – Raw Taco

Here’s my reality: not sleeping more than 3 hours at a time, changing diapers, cleaning baby vomit, swaddling, bouncing, breastfeeding, and over analyzing my daughter’s every move, cry, poop, etc (and asking myself “is that normal?” or “why is it green?”).   A good day is being able to brush my teeth, get out for a stroll (with Sienna of course), and eat lunch before 3pm (which doesn’t involve take-out).  I often start celebrating on one of these redefined “eventful” days, only to see that the following day is a write-off.

As my experienced friend and mother of two shared with me last week:  “The only thing you can count on is change” when it comes to parenting.   That couldn’t be more accurate.  Just when I think I’ve got it in the bag and figured out life with a baby, it ALL changes.  So yeah, life is a little different now. :)

Superfoods Eateries -Raw Pad Thai

Two months ago, it was all about “me, myself and food” – and Keith, too I guess;-)  But in this new chapter, there’s very little “me” or “food” in the equation.  As one should expect, my focus has completely shifted to Sienna.  Instead of worrying about what to make for dinner, I’m worrying about how many dirty diapers she’s had.  Instead of trying to shed my pregnancy weight, I’m thinking about how much weight she’s gaining.  All I care about is this little one.  Her well-being is in my hands, and that’s a lot of pressure for any mom.  So I’m trying to take each day as it comes, and give Sienna what she needs to be a healthy and happy baby.   Nourishing her with good food (via myself and my diet) is of utmost importance.  After all, what I eat, she gets.  But preparing a meal with one hand is a skill I have yet to master.  With such limited time in the kitchen, take-out and delivery have saved us from starvation on many days.

Fika Cafe – quinoa salad

Here are the places I’ve been donating my life savings to since life started with Sienna (or places I’m scoping out to try):

  • Superfoods Eateries – Specializes in prepared, raw foods.  The Tacos and Pad Thai hit the spot.  Just be prepared for the higher price tags ($12 to $15 each if I recall).
  • Live Organic Food Bar –  Thanks to we can indulge in my healthy raw food faves (Sushi and the Beet Walnut Burger).  This $6 delivery charge gives me a reason to order more stuff:)
  • Fika Café – Gluten-free salted caramel macaroons are to die for!  [Says the girl who never liked macaroons].  And the quinoa salad is pretty tasty too.
  • Upper Crust – This one is far from vegan and raw.  It’s good ol’ home-cooked meals like meatballs, roasted chicken and veggies.  And it’s conveniently across the street.
  • Fresh – This is an old favourite.  If only they had delivery (hint, hint to the folks at Fresh!!)  My go-to is the Green Goddess (minus broccoli since that’s a no-no when breastfeeding).

    Fika Cafe – quinoa salad

  • Pizzaiolo – Loving their gluten-free “Diana” pizza.  It’s LOADED with toppings so you’re getting your serving of veggies at the same time.  And the gluten-free crust isn’t chalky or rock hard like most I’ve tried.
  • Appetite – I’ve picked up their delicious chicken curry and a few prepared salads when I’m out for a walk on Queen East.  Their menu varies every day/week.
  • Rowe Farms – If I have veggies at home, I’ll swing by and pick up their cooked (and organic) rotisserie chicken.  Lasts a while so I don’t have to worry about lunch or dinner the next day:)  And if I’m lucky enough to have some time to cook that day, I’ll do some grocery shopping their too.  Their expanded location has pretty much everything I need.
  • Kupfert & Kim – This vegan, gluten-free take-away spot is located in the First Canadian Place downtown Toronto.  I haven’t made it there quite yet, but the menu (and reviews) look great!
  • Urban Herbivore – This vegan hot spot is a Kensington Market favourite which is now also located on College Street and in the Eaton Centre food court.  The $10 salads and rice bowls are plentiful and their crispy tempeh is a must when choosing your 6 toppings.

Speaking of take-out, I have an empty fridge and a hungry husband.   Who’s going to be getting my money and tummy today?  Got any suggestions?