The Cereal Bar” serves gluten-free lunch!

If you’ve strolled along the PATH downtown Toronto during lunch, you may have seen The Cereal Bar and dismissed it.  Makes sense…a bowl of cheerios or yogurt and granola isn’t my idea of ‘lunch’ either.  Yet, there’s more to this place than its name implies. They’ve enhanced their offering with the latest and greatest gluten-free noodle bowl.

Look past the cereal and you will see chicken, vegetables and, the key ingredient….buckwheat noodles.  Note: For those with sensitivities to gluten/wheat, buckwheat is your friend. The name may tell us otherwise, but you can trust me…it’s safe.

I’ve introduced a few of my Microsoft friends to this hidden gem, and they have since become regulars.  If only there was a reward for referrals :)    Well, referral or not, I will continue to be advocate for The Cereal Bar.  Ironic given that I very very rarely eat cereal, or yogurt or granola (since adopting the Paleo diet).

The noodles are mixed with cucumber, shredded carrots, spinach and your choice of chicken or tofu.  Then drizzled with their gluten-free sauce (soy and sesame I believe).  Get it spicy!  Unlike your lettuce based salad, this bowl will fill you up (without loading you up with carbs).  AND, you’re paying LESS than $6 for the meal!  A steal.

The noodle bowl is a treat, yet that’s not the only reason I make my weekly appearance at The Cereal Bar.  The two people who work there might be the friendliest on the Toronto PATH.  They are ALWAYS smiling and seem so excited be doing what they’re doing.  So refreshing.

If you’re a cereal guy/gal (and not avoiding gluten or dairy) you’ll want to visit them for their breakfast.  They serve cereal three ways:  (a) Oatmeal with toppings (2) Cereal with milk and toppings (3) Yogurt parfaits.  They don’t skimp on the options either:

  • 25 types of cereal
  • 25 toppings
  • 9 types of milk (NINE! What could they possibly be serving!?)
  • 4 types of yogurt (I’ll have to inquire whether they have goat’s milk yogurt…better for you than cow’s milk)

So whether it’s breakfast or lunch, take a trip to The Cereal Bar.  It won’t be your last visit.